Final Fantasy VII Remake Pre-order for Xbox One Listed by EB Games

When Final Fantasy VII Remake was first announced as “Coming first to PlayStation 4,” there was a tide of curiosity as to whether the game would see an Xbox release. Players are no strangers to timed exclusives these days, lest we not forget the Tomb Raider Xbox incident. Without further confirmation from any involved parties, however, players have been left wondering since the fateful E3 announcement.

Now, EB Games Australia has listed Final Fantasy VII Remake for Xbox One with placeholder pricing. The Australian video game and entertainment software retailer seems to be taking a much less vague approach than Sony, who has avoided commenting specifically on the game’s exclusivity.

EB Games Final Fantasy VII Remake Xbox One

One fan took to asking EB Games about the listing, and posted the very direct response on the KH13 forums:

EB Games Final Fantasy VII Remake Xbox One

There has still yet to be any official confirmation of an Xbox One version of Remake, but this listing and the company’s confident response seem to be some sort of step in the confirmational direction. Stay tuned for further updates regarding Final Fantasy VII Remake‘s mysterious exclusivity.

Are you excited to hear that Final Fantasy VII Remake could be making its way onto the Xbox One? Let us know in the comments below.

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