Even Companies Outside of the Industry Are Making Fun of Batman: Arkham Knight PC

Batman: Arkham Knight on PC just can’t catch a break.

It seems like everyone is jumping on the bandwagon when it comes to taking shots at the recent blunder that was the Batman: Arkham Knight PC release. We’re referring to the whole game not working like it should have to the point that Steam suspended sales and even began refunding money to those who purchased Rocksteady’s latest title. Speaking of Steam, today’s latest shot at this troubled game comes as part of a new Steam Summer Sale.

No, don’t get your wallets out, you didn’t miss any announcement and there is no influx of games on the cheap for you to add to your collection. The only thing on sale are steamers for some good old fashioned steam cleaning. Of course, even the people at Homewoot! couldn’t resist taking a cheap shot on the already down and out port. While you may not get the Steam Sale you were looking for, the site offers that “these steamers MIGHT run better than Arkham Knight” after apologizing to some lost gamers.


You gotta give it to them for being clever. Did they convince you to buy one of their handy steamers, or are you still feeling the hurt over Batman: Arkham Knight‘s PC release? Let us know in the comments below.

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