EA’s Vice President: “There’s Been A Lot of Guidelines and Rules” Regarding Star Wars Battlefront

DIsney and EA help each other achieve the best Star Wars game.

EA DICE has been developing Star Wars Battlefront since E3 2013 and of course people expected Disney and Lucasfilm to lend a hand in the development process by providing information and resources.

Vice President of EA Studios Patrick Söderlund  told GamesIndustry that all developers wish to develop a Star Wars game at some time in their career and how Disney and Lucasfilm helped them by explaining their own vision for the game and how Star Wars Battlefront should shape up.

“This is probably the one that you would want to work on and if you go and talk to any of our developers, they all have an aspiration to work on a Star Wars game at some point in their career,” Söderlund said.

“I think Disney’s and Lucasfilm’s vision for Star Wars, where they wanted to take Star Wars, made us very comfortable with this, and we were genuinely excited when they explained to us what they were going to do with it. Seeing what JJ Abrams and Disney are doing with the movie, it feels right, to me at least. I believe that that’s good for us, and we feel very good about what they’re doing with the brand, where they’re taking it.”

He also continued to explain how tough it is to develop licensed games as it has “a lot of guidelines and rules that you need to follow” and fans of the licensed material, like Star Wars, have certain expectations that developers need to take care of as not to push loyal fans away and make them feel alienated.

“Disney has been very supportive. Everyone said ‘big licenses are hard to work with, the licensors,'” said Söderlund. “There’s been a lot of guidelines and rules that you need to follow, but they’ve been very simple, and they’ve always felt right to follow them. We’ve never had a big, ‘what are you guys thinking, putting Jabba the Hutt here? That makes no sense.'”

“So yes, there’s obviously a lot of work that goes into making sure that it’s approved and everything, but it’s never been a big issue for us, which is pretty cool.”

Star Wars Battlefront launches on Nov. 17 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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