Unravel’s Yarny Had the Best Time at E3 2015

Let Yarny and his adventure melt your cold, black heart.

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Unravel Yarny

E3 2015 had a lot of surprises and great reveals. One of the more adorable things to come out of E3 this year was Unravel, a cute little puzzle platformer where you play as an adorable yarn doll appropriately named Yarny. Unravel is a game about love, as a red string of fate literally ties the game together.

To accompany the game’s showing, the team at Coldwood Interactive created an official twitter account which amassed a sizable following in just a few days thanks to its little red hero Yarny, and the chronicle of his magical adventure through E3.

As we all know, Yarny is a real thing–and so it would only make sense that once Coldwood revealed his game he would be allowed to roam the show floor, and roam he did:

His first stop on his E3 journey was the most obvious one. Like most attendees he just had to see Star Wars Battlefront:

It wasn’t long before Yarny gave his verdict on Battlefront‘s new installment, giving it a ringing endorsement:

Yarny’s a pretty well rounded gamer, as evidenced by his love of the beautiful game:

It wasn’t just games he was looking to see, he also had some very specific people in mind he wanted to meet:

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