Do You Think Teddie Is STILL Dancing in the Los Angeles Convention Center Since E3?

Like Slurms MacKenzie.

For those of you that don’t know Teddie, he’s the lovable mascot from Persona 4 who has melted the hearts of the entire world with his stupid puns and overly cheerful attitude. This, friends, is Teddie:

persona atlus booth e3 2015

Atlus’ booth at E3 this year had a dance floor in celebration of Persona 4: Dancing All Night where the lovable rascal would dance with any fans willing to join in for a free shirt. Always. Never stopping. Whenever you would pass the booth, Teddie would be there.

Before you even got to the convention center, Teddie was there.


Look at the darkness in his eyes. He’s still there, isn’t he?


It’s not called “Dance Until You Drop From Exhaustion,” Teddie!


Keep fucking dancing.


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