Nintendo Announces and Releases Earthbound Beginnings on the Same Day

Let’s go back to the beginning…

Last year, Nintendo released Earthbound on the WiiU. For Western audiences, it was just a single game that never received any further installments, but in Japan, it’s the second installment of the Mother trilogy. Releasing the other two Mother games outside of Japan has been something Nintendo fans have been asking about for years, and now they’re halfway there. Today, at the Nintendo World Championships, the publisher announced that they’re bringing the original Mother to the WiiU under the title Earthbound Beginnings. And what’s better? It’ll be released today as well!

Mother hit the NES in 1989, and while it was localized into English, the game itself never hit North America. The game will hit the Nintendo eShop today at 6 PM PT, but in the meantime, why not watch this trailer in anticipation? The rate things are going, maybe Nintendo will release the third Mother game on WiiU as well.

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