Mobile and Tablet Game Fallout Shelter Announced and Set For Immediate Release

Become the master of your very own Vault!

A new mobile and tablet Fallout inspired game called Fallout Shelter has been announced during the Bethesda E3 livestream. Inspired by certain elements seen in Progress Quest and XCOM, you, as the player, act as an Overseer that allows you to create, control, and manage your very own Vault.

As Overseer, it is your job to oversee all that happens in the Vault and to make it grow. The Vault is populated by Dwellers – each with their own stats. Careful leveling of your characters is necessary for their survival once you send them out into the Wasteland. The Vault is completely customizable, but in order to succeed and survive you must balance and manage your resources carefully.

Furthermore, as Overseer, you must be wary of and defend against random attacks and invasions by raiders.

Another significant game element is the ability to have your Dwellers breed and produce new babies – which you have the right and privilege to name.

Finally, the best news is – Fallout Shelter is immediately available for purchase and downloading right after the end of the livestream! Information and links to it are available on their blog page!

Stay tuned for more Fallout 4 news, and be sure to check out Fallout Shelter after the livestream ends!

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