Microsoft Uses Nathan Fillion to Create Halo 5 Starring Nathan Drake

The crossover you never saw coming.

Did you miss the Microsoft E3 conference yesterday? The action-packed show featured Tomb Raider ice pick hour, Fallout 4 modding for the Xbox One, and even 10 beautiful seconds of Dark Souls III.

But perhaps the most shocking, most stunning moment was discovering Nathan Drake starring in Halo 5.


In a genius, legally questionable move, Microsoft has hired a Nathan Drake lookalike – nay, Nathan Drake himself – to star in their primary franchise.

We’ve reached out to Microsoft as to whether Sully will also make an appearance in Halo 5, or if he’s finally dead.

Halo 5 ft. Nathan Drake hits shelves October 27.

No, it’s not Nathan Fillion.


A picture of Nathan Fillion, for reference.

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