House of Wolves Is Exactly What Destiny Needed to Restore Fans’ Passion

Bungie finally delivered.

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destiny house of wolves

Before the House of Wolves DLC released, many were feeling anxious about the future of Destiny. There was a lot of pressure on this potentially pivotal moment in the saga of the Destiny franchise, especially when Bungie announced that the DLC would not contain a raid.

But not everyone was cynical. Some acknowledged that House of Wolves might not need a raid to be a great Destiny expansion and that instead, Bungie might just need a few improvements to rally fans.

Now, the House of Wolves DLC has been out for a few weeks and many players have been able to experience all of the content it has to offer, including both the weekend exclusive Trials of Osiris and the non-stop combat arena system which was delivered in place of a raid, the Prison of Elders.

Judging by fans’ reactions and reviews, it seems that despite the initial trepidation, the House of Wolves DLC has been a big success and an important win for Bungie.

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