GameFly to Start Video Game Rental Streaming Service Like Netflix

Coming soon, to an Amazon Fire TV near you.

Today it has been announced that the popular video game rental-by-mail service, GameFly, will be attempting to make big moves in the realm of the video game renting business.

According to The Verge, GameFly has revealed that they will be pursuing a streaming/rental service much like Netflix. The goal is to provide users with an assortment of game bundles each month for roughly $6.99. Each bundle will include seven games and will be sorted by a particular genre. Supposedly, the service will launch with six different bundles.

Following this, The Verge has stated that a “gamer pack” will also be available, giving players access to 16 games for $9.99 a month.


It was announced that the game streaming service, Playcast, will be powering GameFly’s Netflix-like video game rental service, and so far, the only device to support the service will be Amazon Fire TV.

For more news on GameFly’s new streaming service, you can sign up on their website here.


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