Everything to Expect from the Sony PlayStation Conference at E3 2015

Will PlayStation have some secret goodies?

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It just wouldn’t be a proper PlayStation E3 conference without someone in a finely tailored suit coming out to tell us just how well they did. And why shouldn’t they? It’s been no secret that Sony has led the charge in the latest generation of consoles and shows no interest in slowing down. Now this isn’t a shot at Sony for bringing out an exec to share just how many machines they’ve sold; there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. These guys are proud and excited to share what they’ve accomplished with their loyal fanbase.

Expect sales figures for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Vita, and maybe even that little TV peripheral that not many people seem to remember. Sony also isn’t shy about boasting about how many people use their devices for streaming media, and how many games were pushed. The transparency is cool, and once it’s all over things will move right into the meat and potatoes of the presentation… or at least a salad to get things started.

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