Check out This Breathtaking Minecraft Pixel Art World Record Made with over 1M Blocks

Minecraft has always been a hub of creation. Fans have made everything from working scientific calculators to functioning KFC’s. Minecraft is also a popular medium for pixel art, because, you know, the cubes and stuff.

While Minecraft pixel art usually sticks to Pokemon and Mario, there’s always those who go above and beyond the call of the cube. Take Thorlar Thorlarian, for instance. He just went ahead and created the largest Minecraft pixel art project in history. Using 1,128,960 blocks, placed by hand, Thorlar created this Deathwing/Kerrigan/Diablo masterpiece.

The image is too massive for the game’s field of view to capture, so he uses a special map to see the full portrait. The project took 23 and a half weeks, and was created over Twitch livestream to the witness of thousands of viewers.



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