Check Out These All New Screenshots and Trailer for Upcoming Horror Game – SOMA

Existential horror at its finest.

Frictional Games, the masters of horror and the twisted minds behind the survival horror franchise Amnesia, appeared on the PC Gaming Show to showcase the global premiere of a never before seen teaser trailer for its new horror game – SOMA.

The teaser trailer was relatively short but we are left with a few clues. First, the game of SOMA is meant to present and ask players disturbing questions of existentialism, identity, and what it means to be human. Its gameplay is reminiscent of Amnesia although it has a sci-fi flavor. The game is also set deep within a facility under the sea. And it is bloody dark as hell.

You, as the player, are searching and calling out for somebody named “Catherine.” You are warned not to look into the light as the glowing eyes of… something… lunges towards you as your visions flickers and glitches.

Check out these amazing images pulled from the trailer!

If this teaser trailer left you hungry for more, feel free to check out this 12 minute gameplay demo trailer for SOMA that came out a few weeks ago. SOMA is slated to be released on STEAM and PlayStation 4 on September 22, 2015.

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