Missed Out on E3? Live the Excitement Through these Pictures

Wish you were here~

The big three weren’t the only ones in town for E3 2015. Sure, they each had unique, pretty awesome booths for everyone to enjoy, but there was so much more to see. E3 had something on the floor for literally everyone. Couldn’t sit still? How about dancing on stage with with Teddie in celebration of Persona 4: Dancing All Night (we’re pretty sure he’s still out there somewhere, dancing all alone). Or maybe you just haven’t had enough horror in your life? Good thing Overkill decided to let loose zombies that managed to fill out all the necessary forms to get E3 2015 passes. Star Wars had a treat for everyone, LEGO Hulk was on standby for any attacks, and if your feet grew tired, there were plenty of lines to jump into and wait in.

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