Atlus Invites You to Climb The Deadly Tower of Monsters this Fall

Dibs on The Robot.

In case you weren’t aware, retro is in. To further solidify that claim, Atlus today announced The Deadly Tower of Monsters, which looks like like it was plucked straight out of a 1970s Sci-Fi B-Movie, and is being developed by ACE Team with a release window of fall 2015 for PC and Playstation 4.

Deadly Tower of Monsters

Check out those practical effects!

The game is oozing with the kind of visuals you’d expect from something that belongs in a movie from the 70s–the monsters look like they’re either rubber suits, or move as though they were animated using stop motion. In it you’ll play as one of three protagonists; Dick Starspeed, Scarlet Nova whom ATLUS refers to as “the space diva with a checkered past”, and a gentleman who is only known as The Robot, and climb Tartarus the titular deadly tower to battle an array of enemies ranging from Lizard-men to UFOs, nuclear ants, and even robot monkeys.

Fight giant monkeys and Lizard-men as you ascend the deadly tower.

Fight giant monkeys and Lizard-men as you ascend the deadly tower.

The description of the game’s features are also delightfully campy, and read as follows:


  • Developed entirely in color thanks to the miraculous power of monsterama.
  • A hero’s choice lasts forever! Or at least until the nearest sleep chamber where you can pick Starspeed, Scarlet, and yes, even the robot.
  • Watch out! Climbing to the top of the tower means you might fall off! But gravity is no foe to Dick Starspeed and crew; freefall to explore new areas and find incredible treasures.
  • It’s a talkie with a laff-a-minute commentary from the director himself.
  • Blast ’em, Scarlet! A wide array of lethal weapons are in our heroes’ arsenal to maim, shoot, and zap their way through all the enemies! Woe to those poor enemies who forget about their super secret powers to boot!

You can also view the awesomely campy trailer below for a look at the game in motion. Those stop motion effects are killer:

To quote ATLUS, “Amazing Adventures! Strange Drama! AND MORE await in… The Deadly Tower of Monsters!” Are you excited?

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