6 Outstanding Minecraft Creations That Will Make You Feel Inferior

Sweat, blocks, and tears were used to form these incredible creations.

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Minecraft Pokémon


The three Pokémon sprites you see above must have taken quiiite a while! Look at the detail on each of them! The image above only shows the first 3 out of 151 of these incredible creations. YouTube user Kidduff1 not only created all of these sprites on the PC version, but decided to share the love and upload the Minecraft world to the internet for all to enjoy.

In the video’s description from back in 2013, Kidduff1 also says they’ll be working on creating the Johto Pokémon in Minecraft too. A year later in 2014, the video went up showing off the next batch of Pokémon sprites all created in Minecraft, also accompanied by a download link. Although the sprites don’t have any insane uses of Redstone in them or any mechanics, they just have to be marveled at for the amount of time, detail, and precise building that they required. We tip our hats to you Kidduff1, you’ve started the list strong.

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