The 5 Most Explosive Ways to Obliterate Life in Fallout

See the world, meet new people, BLOW IT ALL UP.

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The Shady Sands Shuffle


Generally speaking if you’re going to rifle through someone’s pockets without their permission, you’re probably looking to take something of value. However, for some people, simply removing someone’s valuables isn’t quite as satisfying as say, leaving them a little going away present to remember you by. Enter the Shady Sands Shuffle.

Made popular by Argyle, the “stalwart ghoul manservant” of Herbet “Daring” Dashwood in Fallout 3, the Shuffle refers to leaving a grenade or landmine in the unsuspecting pockets of an enemy and standing back as hilarity ensues. Hilarity in this case refers to the moment when the person’s legs are blown off their body because you put a fucking live grenade in their pocket. Oh, you scamp!

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