The Witcher 3 Guide: How to Unlock the Master Armorer

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When playing an RPG, there’s one question that always pops up in every gamer’s mind: where do I get the best armor in the game? In The Witcher 3, discovering the master armorer and having him craft you some top-tier gear is how you do it. However, the path to acquiring that mastercrafted armor is not an easy one, and I recommend attempting this quest at a minimum level of 20.

To start the master armorer quest, first you need to actually find him. He’s located at Crow’s Perch in Velen and you kick this quest off by talking to him and asking about mastercrafted armor. Fergus the dwarf will then tell you that it is indeed possible to make such high-tier armor, but he’ll need the tools from Undvik’s legendary forge. The forge is located in Skellige, so make your way there next.

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