Street Fighter V New Screenshots Show off M. Bison's Grandpa Hair

He’s got the touch–he’s got the Psycho Power!

Yesterday Capcom released a new trailer for Street Fighter V that revealed its latest addition to its roster, who turned out to be none other than the big bad dictator himself: M. Bison.

To compliment the new reveal Capcom has released several screenshots of M. Bison in action. Though he presently looks more distinguished and can be seen sporting a fashionable mane of gray hair, Grandpa Bison doesn’t appear to have lost a step when it comes to his aggressive fighting style or his impressively purple Psycho Power.

When you think about it, it must suck having M. Bison as a grandfather. Imagine only receiving Bison Bucks for your birthday?

Bison Bucks

Thanks, Grandpa.

Street Fighter V is coming out for PS4 and PC at some point in our lifetime. There is no set date yet, though. In the meantime, enjoy these screenshots:


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