President of SCE Worldwide Studios Teases a Bloodborne DLC Release

The hunt begins once again.

After being prompted by fans for questions and details, Shuhei Yoshia (the President of Worldwide Studios, for Sony Computer Entertainment) published a tweet earlier on May 20th, 2015 teasing at Bloodborne DLC expansion under development.

Since this seems to be the first announcement of its kind, there are no other available details at the moment. Yoshida promises that further information will be released later in the year. Suffice to say, this tweet quickly caught fire and went viral – sparking the imaginations of all Souls fans along the way.

What could this new expansion of Bloodborne entail? What will it add to the lore? What new weapons and armor will be available? What terrifying new eldritch horrors can the developers dream up? Time will only tell – boy, it’s going to be grueling as we wait in anticipated. In the meanwhile, feel free to speculate, comment, and share below!

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