If Nintendo's Theme Park Doesn't Include These 7 Attractions They're Right out of Their Minds

Nintendo Land is closer to being a reality!

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Nintendo Land Live Games


When the Wii U launched back in 2012, there was a definitive star among the launch titles. That star was Nintendo Land. This collection of mini-games that allowed people to use their very own Mii as they played with friends was absolutely amazing. It was essentially a Nintendo theme park in video game form, so it’s only right that with Nintendo’s recently announced deal with Universal theme parks it’s the first on the list for must-have attractions.

Nintendo Land had a few neat games that are perfect for the live-action treatment. Just picture playing Mario Chase or Luigi’s Ghost Mansion with four of your friends for a short spurt of super fun. If you’re the type who enjoys to have fun alone, Takamaru’s Ninja Castle would make the perfect booth game as players throw foam ninja stars at moving targets hoping to win a big prize. Nintendo Land has something for pretty much everyone.

Chances are that Nintendo Land attractions will be a sure thing whenever this theme park finally becomes a reality. It’s pretty much a waiting game at this point and the excitement for it is very real.

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