KOEI Reveals Samurai Warriors 4-II Release Date

Cut another path through (abridged) Japanese history 

KOEI TECMO has announced on Facebook that Samurai Warriors 4-II is coming to the PS4, PS3, PS Vita and PC through Steam on September 29th 2015 in the US. Meanwhile European gamers will have to wait till October 2nd.

While previous Samurai Warriors games told their stories by “exploring the various regions of feudal Japan”, Samurai Warriors 4-II instead focuses the spotlight on the cast of characters themselves. The game will have 13 chapters, which will revolve around nine characters that were introduced in Samurai Warriors 4. There will also be three chapters dedicated to fan favorite characters and one chapter dedicated to a brand new character.

Kick it into gear with a new Samurai Warriors game.

Kick it into gear with a new Samurai Warriors game.

As well as the new story focus, Samurai Warriors 4-II will also feature “new and improved games systems” which you can see in the trailer below. These new features include weapons upgrades and skill acquisition as well as a new “highly challenging and richly rewarding” mode called Endless Castle.

In the Endless Castle mode players can choose to either enter the castle and survive for as long as possible or play against the clock to see how far you can make it up the castles increasingly difficult levels.

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