Hideo Kojima Is All About Mad Max: Fury Road, Possibly its Biggest Fan

Celebrities! They’re just like us!

It was a huge weekend for movies with Mad Max: Fury Road finally releasing to rave reviews and a large heap of earnings, to boot. (But not as much as Pitch Perfect 2, let’s all remember this.) Hideo Kojima took to Twitter last night to express his grand love for Mad Max: Fury Road in a public space. The Metal Gear Solid creator could not have fan’d out harder.

Hideo, switch up the picture for each tweet. Spice it up.

Multiple tweets. Hideo can’t even right now.

It gave him life.

Compare all of these to his tweet about the Spongebob movie and there’s a clear winner in his heart.

He can go on and on about Mad Max: Fury Road and about Spongebob just tweet, “I saw the Spongebob movie.” How was it, Mr. Kojima? “I saw it.”

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