Is it Okay If You're Not That Excited for E3? – Vlogging About Video Games

Everyone would be excited for a Tina Fey and Amy Poehler game, right?

Welcome to a new episode of Vlogging About Video Games! The incredibly long conversation about video games between Twinfinite Publisher Yami and Senior Editor Ish continues! Every Saturday, they’ll upload a new vlog that’s just a piece of a larger puzzle. The puzzle of friendship.

This week, Yami realizes finally that she may actually be a robot as she struggles to think of a game she’s excited to hear more about at E3. Ish didn’t allow her to say Persona 5 so she’s at a bit of a loss. After filming this episode, Yami realized that she totally forgot about Fallout 4’s rumored E3 revealMistakes were made. Realizations of all kinds were had.

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