Devoted Grand Theft Auto Fans Create A Live Action Film Using Drones

Meanwhile, somewhere in Russia…

It’s amazing what you can create with a diehard love for video games, a group of friends, and lots of time on your hands. Oh, and a quadcopter with a camera attached to it – that helps too! With all of these elements handy, a bunch of Russians filmmakers got together to film a unique bird’s eye view tribute to Grand Theft Auto 2. The film has everything you need to be a proper tribute to Grand Theft Auto – stealing cars, shoot outs, escaping the law, and other acts of debauchery and deviance all the while attempting to save a mysterious woman dressed in red. Not much is known or available about the Youtube channel Kindness that had produced and released the video, but we are mighty grateful they did. (Note: The original video was taken down, but here is a re-uploaded video posted by votja paul.

What were your thoughts on the Grand Theft Auto 2 fan film? Feel free to comment below!

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