Destiny House of Wolves Guide: Prison of Elders How to and General Tips

Consider these tips before diving into The Prison of Elders.

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Getting Started

The Prison of Elders is the newest endgame challenge within Destiny as part of the latest expansion, House of Wolves. Whatever your opinions are about the inclusion of an arena instead of a raid in House of Wolves, one thing is for sure: The Prison of Elders activity is intense. Even some of the most seasoned veterans will be tested to their limits once they step inside the Prison of Elders.

In order to help the many guardians our there in the world, we’ve put together a few tips that will help get you through this seemingly impossible challenge in order to collect some of the absolute best gear in Destiny House of Wolves. Although much of the Prison of Elders activity is randomly generated, there are some aspects that hold true no matter what that will prove useful as you go up against the most brutal criminals in the solar system. 

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