Conquer the Ocean This Fall with Civilization: Beyond Earth's Rising Tide Expansion Pack

Don’t trust the sea.

Get your scuba gear ready because Firaxis and 2K Games has announced that Civilization: Beyond Earths will be getting its first expansion pack called Rising Tide.

As the name suggests Rising Tides will expand on what players will be able to do on their new planets oceans, in the form of being able to build floating settlements (just like in Alpha Centauri). These settlements will be able to access submerged resources but beware because Rising Tide will also bring in new aquatic monsters.

In a interview with PC Gamer, Beyond Earths Co.Lead Designer David McDonough said that these new aquatic monsters “behaviour is totally different: the way they spawn, the way they live at sea, is totally different. You have new opportunities for interaction with them as well.”. To fight back against these new threats players will be able to build new aquatic vehicles such as submarines, as well as build hover-vehicles and that there will be “a variety of other changes to the existing unit catalogue to be more aquatic”.

The invisible hunters of the seas are coming back.

The invisible hunters of the seas are coming back.

Rising Tide will also include 4 new factions. The first one to be revealed is the Middle East-themed faction called Al Falah. These four factions will also come with a new diplomacy system.

Finally the Rising Tide expansion will also allow players to broaden their choices with new hybrid affinities. These hybrid affinities will have their own units and the affinity themed victories will be tweaked so hybrid players will be able to achieve them too.

According to the director of creative development at Firaxis Games Sid Meiers “Rising Tide builds upon the lore of Beyond Earth, breaking away the historical boundaries of the original franchise and furthering mankind’s search for a new home in outer space,” and that “Whether colonizing the planet’s oceans, acquiring new Affinities or meeting exotic new leaders, aliens and units for the first time, Rising Tide offers more ways for players to write their own stories on a new world.”

Rising Tide will be coming out this Fall for $29.99.

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