Check out This Perfect Poem for the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Boredom breeds creativity.

Yesterday, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was finally released. We waited for over a year for the beautiful, vast, open world RPG to be released and now we finally have it! It seemed like the hype could never be lived up to, but The Witcher 3 has had a great response from both gamers and critics alike.

As a gamer who was eagerly awaiting the game’s release, I of course had it pre-ordered and it arrived yesterday on my doorstep. After inserting the disc into my PS4, I realised that before I could begin my adventure, I would have to wait fifteen minutes for the day one patch to download! While waiting, I penned the following poem, in honor of the game.

The Witcher 3 Is Here

The Witcher 3 is here.
The Witcher 3 is here.
We waited for over a year,
but now The Witcher 3 is here.

We were going to see our friends tonight,
and maybe have a beer.
But there’s no time for that today,
because The Witcher 3 is here.

Your loved one’s flat is empty
and they’ve asked you to stay round,
but there will be none of that tonight,
for Geralt is inbound.

May 19th has finally arrived,
and you shed a single tear.
Everything else can wait a while
for The Witcher 3 is here.

If you listen very carefully, you can hear Shakespeare turn in his grave.


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