5 Insanely Popular Games That Almost Didn't See the Light of Day

Gaming wouldn’t be the same without ’em.

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Final Fantasy Type-0


Though Final Fantasy Type-0 only recently made it to North America, the game’s been out since 2011. And this may come as a surprise since a full-blown HD remake now graces the PS4 and Xbox One, but Type-0 very nearly didn’t make it out the front door.

“In a recent report in IGN, the game’s director Hajime Tabata revealed that the game’s developers came close to cancelling its development in favor of another game called “The 3rd Birthday.” Tabata was heavily involved in both games’ development in 2010. “The 3rd Birthday” was released in March 2011, earlier than “Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.”

If you’ve never played the Parasite Eve games, The 3rd Birthday capped off the series on the PSP in North America and has a very similar battle system to Final Fantasy Type-0. Thankfully, both games made it out of the arena and Type-0 did well enough to get it across the Pacific.

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