10 Cosplays That Bring the World of the Witcher 3 to Life

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Video game fans around the world simultaneously dove into The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt this past Tuesday to face fantastical villains and monsters, and to become immersed in a story and expansive open-world environment. Fans of the franchise have awaited the release of this game for over 2 years. For some diehard fans waiting with bated breath, they turned to cosplay to express the  love, passion, and mounting anticipation they felt for the game. Now that the summer convention season is well under way (with E3 right around the corner next month), it is expected that more Witcher 3 cosplays will be strolling around than ever.

To celebrate The Witcher 3 and its fandom, Twinfinite presents the top 10 bestWitcher 3 cosplays out there on the Web.

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