Square Enix Has Something up Their Sleeve This Monday on Twitch

Fingers crossed it’s the new Sleeping Dogs.

Square Enix tweeted out a little tease that they’ll be streaming on Twitch this Monday, April 6th. They hype it as a “3-day interactive experience” from one of their Western studios with the lower left-hand corner branded as “Project CKP.”

Why do you this to us, Square Enix? Now we’ll be spending the weekend just wondering what you could mean! Let’s go down a list of the Western studios Square Enix could be talking about. A new Deus Ex to show us the light? The new Sleeping Dogs to bring us the utmost life? Are they tired of Hitman Go’s money and want to bring a new one to consoles? Why is there a creepy dentist’s chair in the tweet?

What could they be showing? How could it possibly take up three days? There are so many questions that arise; guess we’ll have to wait until Monday to find out. Leave a comment down below telling us what you think!


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