Pillars of Eternity Guide: How to Complete the "His Old Self" Quest

What is love? Baby don’t hurt me.

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Meet Kaenra

Pillars of Eternity

When you first get into Copperlane, head past the protesters and over the bridge. The first building to your right is the Goose and Fox, a tavern where you will find Kaenra. She is sitting in the upper right of the tavern near the fireplace. Start talking to her. You will notice that she has facial bruises and she will start talking about her fiance, Purnisc. It’s become apparent to her that her fiance has fallen in with the wrong crowd and has started acting strange. She believes Purnisc is addicted to Svef – a kind of hallucinogenic drug. You’ll be given her engagement ring to give back to Purnisc because she says she’s done with him for good.

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