Phil Spencer Wants to Make E3 2015 All about First Party Projects for the Xbox One

Xbox gamers can expect to see new Xbox exclusives at E3.

E3 is on the horizon and gamers everywhere can’t wait to see what surprises video game developers have in store for us. E3 is a great time and place for video game companies to announce new games or show off new trailers for their upcoming ones and it’s always a crazy time for video game enthusiasts.

Both PlayStation and Sony will of course be there and each company will be doing their very best to excite gamers about the future of their respective consoles. When a gamer on Twitter asked Xbox head Phil Spencer what we can expect from Microsoft this year. Spencer replied that we should expect to see some new exclusive IP games for the Xbox One.

This means that we should expect to see new games at E3 that will be exclusive to the Xbox and will not be remakes or sequels. That said, there are plenty of games rumored to be at E3 that will be part of already established franchises such as a new Gears of War and hopefully, more details on Halo 5.

E3 2015 will be held on June 16-18, 2015, at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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