Phil Spencer Says It'd Be Cool If Banjo Were in Super Smash Bros, Gives Us All Hope

Please come back to us, Banjo. Kazooie, you come too.

One brave gamer tweeted at Phil Spencer today what were all secretly thinking. They let him know that Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros DLC poll has Banjo as a popular choice for inclusion within the game.

Let us all thank this soul for asking Phil Spencer’s thoughts, for now we know that it would be cool to do and that it wouldn’t hold any issues. What a grand day! While this isn’t confirmation whatsoever, it’s nice to see that Banjo isn’t forgotten and who knows, maybe Nintendo will be swayed and he’ll be in future DLC. Kazooie can come, too.

This all comes after a spiritual successor of sorts for Banjo-Kazooie was confirmed to be in development last February, with more information to be revealed this year. 2015, the year of Banjo and Kazooie!

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