Nathan Fillion Reprises His Role as Malcolm Reynolds for Firefly Online

Still flying.

After Firefly was so cruelly canceled after only one season, fans have long hoped that they might one day get to revisit that universe and say hello to some old friends. It seems they may get their chance in the upcoming Firefly Online which is currently being developed by Quantum Mechanix and Spark Plug Games and is due for a 2015 release.

A recent video posted by Firefly Online’s official YouTube account has revealed that along with many other members of the original cast, Nathan Fillion will also be reprising his role as Malcolm Reynolds, captain of the Serenity.

Many of the original cast have also been confirmed for the game, including:

Firefly Online will allow players to be the captain of a ship who needs to find a crew, get a job, and keep flying. The game will mix role playing, online multiplayer, and social elements to make players feel like they’re part of the ‘verse.

Firefly Online is due to be released in Spring for PC, Mac, and mobile devices.

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