Mortal Kombat X Guide: How to Unlock All Alternate Costumes

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Let’s discuss the most important part of Mortal Kombat Xcostumes! As per usual, the latest installment in the series brings the ability to unlock an alternate costume for various fighters within the Krypt. This is, of course, besides unlocking moves. This guide will help you figure out the exact location, coordinates, and cost of every unlockable alternate costume in Mortal Kombat X. Check out our wiki for even more Mortal Kombat X tips, tricks, and strategy guides!


Kytinn Queen

Location: Chamber of Bones

Coordinates: -7, 12

Cost: 1,240

Alternately, you can unlock this skin by completing a Klassic Tower using D’Vorah.

Erron Black


Location: Frozen Graves

Coordinates: -2, 9

Cost: 1,220

mortal kombat x



Location: Walkway of Souls

Coordinates: -15, 19

Cost: 2,300

Alternatively obtained by completing a Klassic Tower as Kano


Master and Servant

Location: Shadow Spider Kave

Coordinates: 6, 8

Cost: 1,320

Timed Chest

Jacqui Briggs

Boot Camp

Location: Garden of Despair

Coordinates: -8, 8

Cost: 1,900

Alternatively obtained by completing a Klassic Tower using Jacqui.

mortal kombat x



Location: Frozen Graves

Coordinates: 1, 6

Cost: 980

Alternatively obtained by beating a Klassic Tower using Kitana.

Klassic Kitana

Unlocked within the Mortal Kombat X mobile app.

Dark Empress Kitana

Unlocked by leveling up Brotherhood of Shadows Faction to level 35



Location: Dark Pass

Coordinates: 6, 17

Cost: 1,870


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