Killing Floor 2 Early Access Release Date Announced

Want more guns and gore?

Those of you who enjoy killing huge amounts of monsters will be excited to learn that a release date for Killing Floor 2 has been announced. It’s been months, but Tripwaire Interactive has announced that Killing Floor 2 will hit Early Access on Steam on April 21st.

Work on the game is moving forward but for now, the Early Access version will consist of four classes, three maps, and around eleven monster types. Getting into the Early Access will cost you $30/₤20/€27.

Killing Floor 2 will be set immediately after the original Killing Floor and takes place in continental Europe, which has been put into a state of chaos by a fast spreading virus which turns the victim into a bloodthirsty monster. There is only one known cure, death.

Killing Floor originally started life in 2005 as a mod created from Unreal Tournament 2004. The game proved to be hugely popular and was praised for being entertaining but cheap and it was officially released in 2009. The game gained a large following and fans were excited when, in May 2014, a sequel was announced.

If you just can’t wait until April 21st, then check out these screenshots in order to help tide you over.

Killing Floor Killing Floor (2) Killing Floor (3) Killing Floor (4) Killing Floor (5) Killing Floor (6)

[Source: PC Gamer]


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