Jesus With Exploding Punches Made in GTA 5 Video Editor

He’s not turning the other cheek

It’s been around for less than a week, but the Rockstar Video Editor has proven to be a powerful and flexible tool for Grand Theft Auto V players. Allowing Players on the PC version to record, edit and share footage has led to some very creative – and at times hilarious – videos.

GTA 5 is an undeniably irreverent game, so making a bulletproof Jesus Christ that has punches and kicks that explode on impact seems like a perfect fit. The character model used in the video is a character that you can find in the regular version of the game. He’s a soapboxer known as Jesse who is a Jesus Christ impersonator. When he talks to you in-game he will spout various biblical phrases. It looks as though Jesse is done pretending, and he’s not turning the other cheek.


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