Can We Take a Moment and Realize How Weird These 10 Games Are?

Things are about to get strange

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Katamari Damacy

katamari damacy

Katamari Damacy is a game that is essentially about trying to impress your Dad. Your giant, crazy space-Dad got really drunk and wrecked the entirety of the cosmos. Instead of being responsible for his actions, he sends you – his little sausage headed son – to fix his mess.

Most parents would be impressed by good grades or a succeffull job, but the King of the Cosmos is asking the moon of you! No really, he wants you to make the damn Moon. Much has been made of the famous rolling mechanics in the game – picking up every piece of trash in the world to fill the night sky – but it’s so strange that the size of the cosmic objects are determined by the view of them from Earth. Super-massive stars only require a few millimeters, while the Moon is the largest object you have to create because it’s the largest in our view of the sky. Are we sure Dad isn’t on another bender while giving these orders?

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