4 Reasons Why the Nintendo NX Might Be Virtual Reality

Hey, have you heard the news? Nintendo’s planning a new console.

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Hey, have you heard the news? Nintendo’s planning a new console, codenamed the Nintendo NX.

Back in March, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata dropped the news at a press conference by stating that they were in the process of “developing a dedicated game platform with a brand-new concept under the development codename ‘NX’.”

Of course, even though more concrete details about the Nintendo NX are nearly a year away from materializing, that won’t stop anyone (including us!) from speculating about the new console.

But first, let’s take a quick moment to reflect on the significance of the codename. The name NX – besides sounding mondo rad, or whatever 90’s kids are saying – can be taken to literally mean NeXt. Clever, right?

Nintendo prides itself on trying new things, even if those new things don’t always work as planned. The company has already planted its giant flag pole into the realm of motion controls, integrated a touch screen into nearly everything it produces, and championed 3D for handhelds. So, what could be NeXt for Nintendo?

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Nintendo’s always planting poles.

Well, one potential direction Nintendo could take with the NX seems obvious when you stop and think about it: virtual reality! Obviously, a head mounted device that projects video games directly onto your eyeballs is a step Nintendo has taken before with mixed results. However, now may be the perfect time for the Big N to improve on that initial idea, especially now that technology has caught up with their ambitions. Here’s four reasons why Nintendo’s NX may be virtual reality focused.

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