20 Terrible MiiVerse Posts That Will Make You Question the Sanctity of Nintendo

Stare into the Nintendo MiiVerse too long, and it will stare back.

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You’re traveling through another universe — a universe not only of electric yellow mice and green plumbers, but of the minds of Nintendo fans. This universe exists in a realm beyond that which is known to most. It is a universe that exists between horror and madness, and it lies between the pit of humanity’s Sonic fandom and the peak of social communication. This is the universe of Nintendo, and it is an area which we call “The MiiVerse”.

You see a door before you, and you have the key. You can’t give it back. You have to go through the door–the door to “The MiiVerse.” Let us be your guide, as we travel through a collection of the bad, really bad, ugly, and completely what? of @BadMiiVersePost.

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