Excited Bloodborne Fans That Probably Most Definitely Died From Hype

Bloodborne hype is dangerous. It raises expectations, strains patience, and makes release dates perpetually feel 500 miles away. Hype is a double-edged sword, bolstering pre-orders while risking letdowns of epic proportions.

But hype, if you were not aware, is also dangerous to your health. That’s right. It could actually kill you. How? That’s a great question… that we’re not legally licensed to answer.

What we CAN do, though, is show you a disturbing trend of what seemse to be Bloodborne fans literally dying mid-hype. Just look at these disturbing last messages.

Some simply vanish mid-tweet, likely grabbed by a beast


Others disappear with a blood-curddling scream, also likely dragged away by a beast


Some manage to leave extremely literal last message before the beast nabs them


And some don’t even need a dangerous beast to do the dirty work

Anyone else who hasn’t been attacked by a beast likely looks like this.

Stay safe everyone. If you live to the Bloodborne release, let us know how you’re enjoying the game.

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