Punch a Cactuar and Ride Airships in this Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Trailer

XIII-2 had you throwing moogles. This one has you punching Cactuars.

This just might be the cheesiest Final Fantasy trailer Square Enix has ever released. This brand new Final Fantasy Type-0 HD trailer focuses on the summons, or eidolons as they’re called in the game, as well as the enemies and chocobos.

We get a look at Shiva, Ifrit, Odin, and Bahamut and how they’ll appear and be used in the game. Airships will also be featured in the game as we got to see a section where players will be controlling one. Customization options look pretty robust too, from the looks of the trailer.

And of course, a Final Fantasy Type-0 HD trailer can’t be considered complete without yet another dramatic look at the Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae demo, which will be released alongside Type-0 HD on Tuesday.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is set to release on March 17 for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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