Hotline Miami 2 Fans Need These Movies and Shows in Their Life – Extra Credit

Yes, we all like hurting other people!

Welcome to Twinfinite’s Extra Credit! This video series takes a look at popular games all the cool kids are playing, like you, and suggests other things you might also enjoy. Films, literature, television, games, and sometimes even music! Anything to keep you in the mindset of whatever game you’re playing, because hey – we all go through phases of obsessing over things.

This week’s episode of Extra Credit takes a look at Dennaton Games Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. The supplemental materials recommended this week reflect the games tone and hyper-violence. Want something weird and trippy? I got you. Something hyper-violent and fun? Nick’s got your back. How about something that uses a lot of neon? Papa Nick has certainly got you covered.

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Extra Credit


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