Dragon Ball Xenoverse Guide: How to Get Zeni Quickly and Easily

Zeni, zeni, zeni, must be funny~

Feeling a little broke in Dragon Ball XenoVerse? Need to buy the latest clothing or maybe appease a picky mentor? Well, while zeni is abundant, here’s a really quick and easy way to get mad money.

Whenever you do a parallel quest, there’s a chance to meet a Time Patroller. Simply whip out your scouter and look for one on the battlefield. After defeating them, there’s a chance to get a coveted Dragon Ball. But forget about that, since the odds are low, and you have a bigger chance of getting a Hercule Badge (as seen above). You’ll always get these from winning the battles and they sell for a large sum of zeni at the item shop. Additionally, you can also scout for items on the ground which you can just sell off, all the same.

Any other tips for your fellow Dragon Ball XenoVerse fans? Leave a comment down below!

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