3 Hauntingly Beautiful Songs Inspired By Bloodborne and Dark Souls

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In a little under a week, From Software’s latest title, Bloodborne, will be out on shelves. Its mechanics takes heavy influence from the Souls game franchises including Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls 1 and – including its macabre atmosphere, a need for deliberation & strategy in the heat of combat, multiplayer elements, and its punishing & notoriously challenging difficulty. Thanks to popularity of the Souls games, Bloodborne is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusives this year.

In lieu of its impending release, this feature pays homage to the extraordinary music ofBloodborne and the Souls series that accentuates and permeates the constant feeling of dread and horror that have helped to make the games so iconic, thanks to ingenious composers like Motoi Sakuraba. This feature highlights some of the best original songs and covers that have been inspired by the franchise.

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