Bayonetta 2 Director Interested in Spider-Gwen Game

Bayonetta 2 director Yusuke Hashimoto took to twitter this week to express his interest in Marvel Comic’s newest breakout star Spider-Gwen.

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The director of Bayonetta 2 Yusuke Hashimoto took to twitter this week to express his interest in Marvel Comic’s newest breakout star Spider-Gwen, and the Spider-Verse storyline that recently concluded in Amazing Spider-Man # 15.

For those that may not know, Spider-Verse was an event storyline in Amazing Spider-Man that saw the Spider-Man of the main Marvel universe interact and team up with various Spider-Men and Spider-Women from alternate realities to repel a group of enemies that threatened the lives of spider powered characters everywhere. The main Spider-Verse story branched out into a series of one-shot comic books such as Edge of Spider-Verse which introduced a version of Gwen Stacy who was bit by the radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker, resulting in her becoming the Spider-Woman of her universe.

The Spider-Gwen concept exploded in popularity following her reveal, leading to her own ongoing comic book Spider-Gwen that began this month and looks to explore and differentiate Gwen Stacy’s Spider-Woman from Peter Parker’s Spider-Man.

Hashimoto–a Marvel fan in his own right–would be a perfect candidate to develop a Spider-Gwen based video game as his recent project Bayonetta 2 received its fair share of critical praise. If anyone can create a terrific action game based on Spider-Gwen it would be PlatinumGames. Were this to become a reality hopefully PlatinumGames can put forth a better effort than they did with the fun but flawed Legend of Korra game. Also, a corn dog eating minigame is required.


All of them.

What do you think? Would you like to see a Spider-Gwen game by the Bayonetta 2 studio? Is the world ready to move on from Peter Parker? Let us know!

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