Samuel L. Jackson in Destiny is The Best Thing You’ll Watch All Day

Watch this hysterical video of Samuel L Jackson voiced over Destiny’s Ghost. Bungie should seriously consider a recast for Destiny 2.

Peter Dinklage’s performance as Ghost in Destiny was about as exciting as a day old plate of spaghetti. What Destiny’s story needs is a shot of adrenaline, excitement, and attitude. Qualities that actor Samuel L. Jackson has in spades.

Luckily a YouTuber, t0nin0t, realized this as well and uploaded this amazing mash up of famous Samuel L. Jackson over Destiny cut scenes. It’s almost too perfect, and Bungie should seriously consider a casting change for Ghost in Destiny 2.

I mean sure yes, there is plenty of lore and background information to be found in Destiny’s out-of-game grimoire, but none of the good stuff actually materialized into the main story. Instead, Bungie should have just embraced a different angle and gone with what is wonderfully depicted here. Check it out for yourself above or directly visit the video right here.

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