The New 3DS, Sonic’s Downfall, League of Legends 2, and More! – Twinfinite Discusses

This cast has no chill button.

Twinfinite Discusses is back with a vengeance! Why does it have to be with a vengeance? Because we’re that extreme, of course. We have no chill.

Listen to the lovely cast of Yami, Sharon, Ishmael, and Ed, as they discuss hot topics each week. We know that they’re hot topics because they’re sent in by you all through our Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube comments. We listen because we love you. And also, because it’s just a lot easier to take your questions rather than thinking up our own.

This week, we dive into what the hell the new 3DS is, why Sega has fallen from grace, and which 2015 games we’re most excited about. We hope you enjoy, and be sure to subscribe for updates when new videos go up!

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