Dragon Age Origins: The 9 Best Gameplay Mods for Your Next Playthrough

Need a reason to play through Dragon Age: Origins again? Here’s a boat-load.

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No Helmet

Ever get sick of being forced to wear a helmet? Some scalps are just too beautiful to cover, after all. Well, this mod makes your helm invisible, so you can let your locks flow free while still benefitting from helm stats.

Advanced Tactics 

Dragon Age: Origins’ game play focused heavily on the use of squad based tactics, but many felt that the tactics themselves were too simple. When your lives depend on every programmed move, you’re gonna want a little more strategic leeway. Advanced Tactics is the answer for the prepared Warden.

  More Hairstyles 

Want to make your character more unique this play through? Look no further, a new hair style should help you feel fresh and confident. Or you could go bald. That too.

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